About us


A startup company that has started this year in 2016, DrawnByB. 

My name is Brandon Sanders and I am the sole artist here at DrawnByB. 

Few things in life I know that I love and want to give to the rest of the world.

The store started and is currently on Etsy at DrawnByBrandon. This is where the store began with only a couple of designs and it grew, got some sales and got some great reviews. 

Here are a couple of those good reviews from the etsy account.



I love phones,  so I have to buy several phone cases. Having a custom phone case is one of my loves. 

My setup for creating phone cases. I just put in my template, and draw the design or pattern around the template to get the perfect design for each phone case. Cant just draw anything and put it on a case. Formatting is everything!

Art, one of my loves, will be showcased throughout the entire store. I want to decorate the entire store with my designs and have tons up for sale at a reasonable price.

Clothing, probably a hidden desire of having a clothing line, I have started designing art for t-shirts and other apparel.


If you have any questions that you would like to ask you can contact me at drawnbyb182@gmail.com.